Photoelectron spectrometer

Oaston Engineering is heavily involved in the assembly of state-of-the-art scientific instruments. This creates a regular demand for the highest quality engineering materials with Colsibro®, a copper nickel silicon alloy available only from Columbia Metals, being one such example.

“We put together photoelectron spectrometers for both surface and biochemical analysis,” says Sean McCarthy, Manager at Oaston Engineering. “We insist on using Colsibro® for the manufacture of the specialist components that go into these spectrometers.”

Traditionally identified with motorsport applications, Colsibro®’s physical and mechanical attributes have enabled it to find a place in virtually every engineering field.

“The parts we manufacture, including screws and nuts, are used in a vacuum in a scientific environment,” explains Sean. “We have specific physical requirements for the materials we machine - they need to be non-magnetic, have low outgassing properties, be stronger than copper whilst retaining the physical properties of copper and not oxidise. These properties are essential and Colsibro® is the perfect alloy to meet all these demands.”

About Oaston Engineering
Oaston Engineering has over 30 years’ experience in precision engineering and are a first tier supplier to customers in the science, aerospace and construction industries. The company works closely with customers from the point of inception through to development and production and employs a team of engineers with vast knowledge of machining difficult materials.

About Colsibro®
Colsibro® is a copper nickel silicon alloy that offers a remarkable blend of physical and mechanical attributes unrivalled by many other grades of copper alloy. Its combination of high strength, corrosion resistance, high thermal and electrical conductivity, excellent wear resistance, spark resistance and good cryogenic properties makes Colsibro® the perfect selection for performance critical components. Columbia Metals holds stocks of Colsibro® from 3/16” to 4” diameter, as well as in hexagon and flat bar.